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Step of Faith

Well it's definitely been quite some time since my last post. My plan when I first started my old blog was to post regularly, but life happens, right? While our world may seem to have been flipped upside down over the last year and a half, God is still with us through it all. I truly believe God uses even difficult circumstances for good. Take a look back over the last year and a half. Can you see how God has been working, both in your own life and in the world? We definitely have! The world and the true church has been waking up to truth unseen/unnoticed. God is is stirring in hearts, removing the veil, cleansing the church and exposing truth. God is good!!

If you've read my other posts you know that the Lord has been using my health journey to create a new passion in me over the years. A passion to help others get back to taking care of themselves the way God intended through His created food and resources, not man's creations. One thing I've noticed over the last year is that more and more are definitely having their eyes opened to that same truth and I praise the Lord for that! More are starting to question things and want to know what is actually in things. More are starting to realize there are connections between what we consume are use, to our overall health. This is a good thing! We need to question, we need to be well informed, we need to take responsibility of our own health. There is no one size fits all approach, as we are all uniquely made.

God has definitely been using my own health issues to teach me so much over the years. I am so incredibly thankful! He even led me to a great Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program last year that aligned so well with what I had been learning and believe to be so true when it comes to how we need to care for our earthly bodies. In March of this year I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association, receiving my certificate as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. This has been so exciting for me as I am now able to officially start helping others through all I've personally experienced, learned and will continue to learn. That program is definitely not the last of my educational experience in nutrition and natural health, it's only the beginning in this new career as I look forward to continuing education in the future to better help my clients in their own health journeys.

With this new career and passion God has been stirring in me for quite some time, I knew it was time, time to take that step of faith He had been telling me for awhile that I would need to do. Not just me but my husband and I. For well over a year, I knew I wasn't supposed to continue in my existing career, and actually for a few years I knew God was working on some changes in my job/career, but I just did not know what that looked like. Well after lots and lots of prayer and experiencing the educational opportunity that the Lord opened up for me, I finally realized it was time to pursue my passion and purpose. Through the support of my husband and even a couple of my own practitioners who spoke great words of encouragement to me when I needed to make the final decision, we took the leap. The Lord closed one chapter and opened up a new one. I submitted my resignation, left my teaching position after finishing the school year in the district I've been in for over 12 years and jumped full on into starting my own business as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Recognizing the improvement in my health over the last year and a half was a huge sign that work stress was a large culprit to my health issues, one thing God made clear when everything flipped upside down in 2020. My practitioners knew before, and I suspected as well, but wow 2020 definitely made that ever so clear. The change to working from home became a huge benefit for my health and pushed me forward on the right track. My health is definitely a priority and realizing what makes me thrive and discovering I can do that as a career, over what I have been doing and daily struggling to be part of was big. I have loved working with my students over the years, but the pressure was a lot and took a toll on my health. While this was just one part of why it was time to take the step of faith, it has been the biggest reason.

Now, here we are in the beginning of this new chapter, new career for me and I could not be more excited! The thought of being used by the Lord to improve the health and well-being of others is exciting. I have had such a peace about this transition even though it is definitely a hard transition for us. Little did we know when I was taking the leap, turned in my resignation and began preparing for this new adventure that there would be changes in my husband's job as well. We just never fully know what God's plans are, but we can trust it is good! Everything happens in His timing, we just need to trust Him and have faith. Seek Him in everything!


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