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What Is Happening? Searching For Answers.

When the list of symptoms just keeps growing, it can definitely prompt an urgent desire to search for a diagnosis. I know, I've been there. Searching the internet, reading articles, listening to those who know more, just trying to figure out what is going on. Maybe it's this, or maybe this, or maybe this, or.......... Yep been there too!

I just wanted answers. I wanted help to feel better. I wanted to know what protocol was going to fix it all. When your symptoms are all over the place it can make it that much harder to narrow in. Literally having symptoms for almost every illness and disease out there. It was frustrating and stressful to say the least. One system failed me and now I know why, the other has helped me significantly and I'm not the minority in that being the case. In fact so many people are waking up and realizing the system we have all been used to is not only incredibly flawed, but corrupt. People all over are waking up to realize nutrition and lifestyle factors are influential in the direction our health goes. We can either continue down the destructive path experiencing a decline in health and increase in sickness OR we can get back to REAL food and healthier lifestyle choices that promote health not harm.

It's not our fault, we didn't know any better. But now many of us do and we are desperately trying to wake up other and HELP them. We are all guilty of searching for a "diagnosis", but something I've come to realize is that we're looking to narrowly with that focus. Really, it's about addressing foundational imbalances, reducing our exposure to toxins, and becoming more aware. Choosing better instead of the popular. Choosing things that are real vs. what is cheap. Choosing things that reduce the body burden instead of adding to it.

It's quite amazing the power that real food has in helping us to feel better! Not only that but the products we use to! Taking simple steps of just improving our overall diet and lifestyle choices can be the world of difference we are waiting for. It was a significant piece of my puzzle and I know it likely is yours too.

So, are you going to keep on the narrow track of searching for a diagnosis or broaden your view to work on your overall health and wellness? I've learned how impactful the choices we make really are and I've noticed a consistent trend with unawareness. It's time to change that. Become empowered and do your own research. Become your best advocate and educate yourself before making decisions. Doing what is best for YOU, following your convictions above the so called "experts". We are noticing not all the "experts" are actually experts.

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