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Story Unfolding

Post originally from August 2020

Sharing my story, what I have learned and continue to learn along the way is something the Lord has been really pushing me to do more than ever, in a way that breaks me out of my comfort zone. Reminding me it's not about my comfort. Social media has its pros and cons, and in the past I didn't mind sharing more on there than I do now. However, red flags started sticking up for me personally, noticing the huge disconnect from personal interaction and relationships. Not only that, but I prefer those closest to me to know what is going on in my life, and not depend on social media to be how they know. There is a huge loss of personal connection that just hasn't felt right. So over time I just stopped sharing very much. A little here and there, but nothing too specific personally.

Well, now as I have gone through a lot with my health and so much has gone on in the last several years, I have slowly started feeling God's push for me to start sharing my story a little more publicly. Why? There are others out there going through similar things. It is a way He is calling me to serve Him, to serve others for Him. I have ended up in communities on social media and now in school that have connected me with others who have gone through or are going through similar situations with their health. I am not alone, we are not alone. That is a pro about social media.

Over the years I've been made to think things were just me, it's just how my body is, there's nothing wrong, etc......I've probably heard it all. I have since learned I'm not alone in this, it's not just me and there ARE things going on. There are root causes that have been creating my symptoms, and root causes are not routinely investigated. I do not have a singular health diagnosis that you might be waiting to hear. No, in fact I have a long list of symptoms, and a few diagnoses at this point. It has been a long journey to discover anything at all. When you have so many symptoms that just keep piling up, you can basically have symptoms for most possible illnesses and diseases. That has been me. Everything we thought of and checked into, I had symptoms for. All the usual tests, kept coming back normal.

God has taken me through a lot and has taught me a lot. My relationship with Him has grown and continues to grow. My faith strengthened even when I felt like I was falling apart and didn't know what to do. He has always been my comforter, has spoken to me in various ways, sometimes through others. He has never failed me and one thing I know for sure is that this journey I have and continue to go through is all for a greater plan than I could even imagine. Through it, He has stirred new passions in me that I never would have thought I'd have any interest in before, but here I am pursuing those. I am working hard to listen intently and follow His calling, after all this life is not my own, it is His.

Doing what's best for my health has not been a short or easy road. It's been long, rough, up and down. Which means the journey I've been on, is not a one blog post story. This is just a glimpse into what God is leading me to share with you over time. The one phrase that the Lord has spoken to me over and over is that "we were made to thrive". So many are just trying to survive, but that is not what He intended. We were made to thrive, serve and build His kingdom in what ever ways He calls and provides for us to do so. None of us will have 100% perfect health in our earthly life, but it is our responsibility to do our part in taking care of the one body He gives us, the best we can with the resources and tools He provides.

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