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About Me


I'm so glad you are here and I'm sure you are looking to know more about me.  My health journey is long and complicated as I know many can relate, and God has used it to stir up a passion in me I never thought I would have.  Here is a short version of my story leading me to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and why it's so important to address what's really going on inside.


I have dealt with significant health issues for many years, with an increase in not only the list of symptoms growing, but also the severity of them.  I saw my doctors regularly, had many tests run, and nothing! Everything always coming back "normal".  As my symptoms continued to get worse, I know now the Lord was prompting me to take action and I quickly had to become my own advocate.  I knew something was wrong, but no one was finding anything and I was exceeding their scope of knowledge.  I kept having the usual things pushed on me for various symptoms, masking the symptoms rather than anyone trying to get to the root cause.  

Finally, over a period of time I was connected with those that I like to call "my medical team".  Three different practitioners with a similar focus and passion to help people heal naturally.  All three have played such a huge role in moving my health into a positive direction, something allopathic (conventional) healthcare was failing to do and only helping my health to decline rapidly.  The Lord truly placed some amazing individuals in my life to help me, and in addition, stirred up a passion in me to want to help others through what I have learned and continue to learn.  

Education is not knew to me but this new focus is a little bit of a shift. I have been an elementary school teacher for over 12 years and now newly transitioning into this new career as  Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, something I know the Lord has been leading me to.   He opened up an amazing opportunity for me to pursue this training through the Nutritional Therapy Association in the Spring of  2020.   This provided me with the opportunity to receive an education in an area I have become very interested in over the years due to my own health challenges.   An education I can use to help not only myself and my family, but others as well.  I enjoy every opportunity I get to serve others in this way, helping them to make better, healthier, safer choices to improve their overall health.

God provided everything we need to take care of our bodies, but we have fallen so far away from that, which has created significant health problems for so many.  It's time to get back to what He intended, using food and nature to take care of the one body He has given us.  

We were not meant to just survive, we were made to thrive.  The song 'Thrive' from Casting Crowns hit me hard several years ago and seems to have become my constant reminder that God uses to remind me of how we are meant to be living. This is where the name 'Made To Be Thriving'  comes from, the knowledge that God never intended us to just try to survive life.  We are meant to thrive and serve.  Feeling miserable keeps us from doing just that.  The symptoms that are so common and made out to be "normal", may be common but are most definitely not normal. Something is going on, and our bodies are trying to tell us.  It's time to listen, address them and make permanent lifestyle changes that will continue to promote wellness.


"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the  Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?"
1 Corinthians 6:19

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