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All For A Reason

Imagine having symptom after symptom popping up, and existing symptoms just getting worse. You've gone to the doctor regularly most if not all your life and nothing really gets addressed. Symptoms that seem minor get brushed off as nothing or "normal". So things just keep getting worse. There are two different directions this usually goes. You listen and just think this is how life is for you OR you listen to that still small voice that says there IS something wrong, keep pushing for answers.

Well for me, I reached that point where I was done with them writing things off, saying just take this or that. Done being told my labs were normal. Done being made to think the symptoms I'd mention were "normal". I was done! Things were getting worse and I definitely exceeded their knowledge. This was all under the conventional western medicine system. They failed and my health was suffering. Test after test, "everything is normal", "you're fine", "no one is ever going to find anything wrong, your labs are fine." Yeah that last one, no bedside manner at all. Worst specialist I probably have ever seen, and I've seen several.

I finally listened to a friend who had been recommending a practitioner to me for awhile, a nutritionist who had helped identify root cause issues for herself and family members. Little did I know just how much of a blessing this practitioner would be and a window beginning to open into the corruption of the system we are all so used to. When you find that one practitioner who actually listens and confirms that all the symptoms add up to something bigger going on, you hang on to them. God led me to her, then to my Naturopath, then to my nutritionist/acupuncturist. These three individuals have truly become my medical team. Together, God has used them to redirect my health into a much better direction and helping me to learn so much along the way.

He has opened my eyes to so much that I was, and many still are, blinded to. A false sense of security in a system that is all about profit not people, their marketing is a lie. Don't get me wrong, conventional western medicine has it's time and place, but it needs to get back to the right place. Once upon a time, natural remedies, nutritious foods and healthier lifestyles were the "healthcare" system. What happened? Well deception and sin. An enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. That is what happened. There really is so much to learn about all of it, the history of it all. It's too bad they actively work to hide the truth. This is where being rooted in God's word becomes even more clearly important. One word for you to look into and do your research, Pharmakeia. This word is spoken of in the Bible, and no it's not good (Revelation 18). Notice the root word, then look into the definition, look into the history of the industry.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

It's so interesting how God can and does use things to open our eyes and teach us so much. That is exactly what He has done in me over the years. Now it's time to not only continue learning to better take care of my own health and my family's, but to help others get back to those basics that promote health and wellness, not illness and disease.

What has God been teaching you? I'm guessing you are either someone like me who had begun realizing a lot of things prior to 2020, you're someone who had your eyes opened wide up in the last couple years or you are still are believing everything you've been told and think the rest of us are just "conspiracy theorists". By the way, if you know the story of Noah, you know people likely thought the same about him and look what happened. (Genesis)

Do I believe all things happen for a reason? ABSOLUTELY!! God has a purpose and a plan in all things. Has my journey been long and hard? Yes! But I'm thankful because it's been used to wake me up to the truth, helped to redirect my focus on how we should be taking care of our bodies. It stirred up a whole new passion and career so I can help others. All for His glory! Not my will, but His.

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