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One of my goals has been to provide a resource for those looking to make healthier choices to save you time.  Through my own searching I continue to learn more and more about the ingredients I personally want to avoid and those that are much safer.  Here it is! Hope you find this to be a valuable and go to resource for your healthier swaps.

Every company shared here is because I truly love the company as a whole and/or products they provide.  They provide products I have personally used and/or just have looked into them enough to feel comfortable recommending.  Check back often for updates and additions to this list. 

*This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase something after clicking the links.  There are also referral rewards links, these are companies I am not affiliated with at this time but do receive referral rewards when you make any purchase through my links here.* (Website Disclaimer)

Personal Care, Bath and Body, Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Household, Wellness and More!
Poofy Organics  (I am an independent guide/consultant)
Poofy Wellness  (affiliate)
Norwex  (I am an independent consultant) 
Grocery & Household
Thrive Market  (40% OFF your first order using my referral link)
Thrive also has a program called Thrive Gives providing free memberships to those that qualify, check their list here  to see if you qualify for a free membership, you can apply by clicking their link on that page.


Wild Pasture  get $20 off delicious, pasture-raised meats delivered directly to your door

Water Filtration and Air Purifier
Clearly Filtered  (25% OFF your first order using my referral link)

Nutritional Supplements
Fullscript  10% off all orders through my account   
Microbiome Labs (Contact me for my direct link and you can also find on my Fullscript dispensary)
Microbe Formulas
Wise Woman Herbals
Further Food 
($5 OFF your first order using my referral link)
Organifi  ($25 OFF first orders $100+ using my referral link)

Forefront Health

EMF Protection:

  1. Pendants
      (not an affiliate, just the one recommended to me and the one we wear. I personally have had mine for a few years now and do notice a difference from when I'm not wearing.
    Conscious Copper (personally have not used)  This is one that I've seen recommended by Mary (aka Healing Cave Lady) She has shared about this one and what she has noticed, see her EMF highlights on Instagram.

  2. Defender Shield This company has a variety of products.  I have their earbuds and phone case, love them both.  They have some other products I'd love to get eventually as well.

Eye Protection
Blue Blocking Glasses to protect against blue light on screens and in various lights. (if you already where rx glasses you can get the blue filter on your lenses, that's what I have.)


Nutritional Therapy Association (email me first to find out if there any current or upcoming promo offers)

Instant HTMA Professional  Enter code THRIVING50 to get $50 off 
Wellness Plus by Dr. Jess

Jennifer Allwood's Inner Circle - Faith based business coaching group

Pet Care
Open Farm (Current dog food brand, love their ingredients and mission)

A Pup Above (fresh, frozen food - not currently using but have in the past and our dog loved a couple of the flavors)
Only Natural Pet  (Barrier Bites has been our favorite, works really well for our dogs)
Poli Pet    Enter Code MTBT at checkout for 25% OFF

Fullscript is another option for finding quality pet supplements, see link above