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Following God's Lead

Post originally from July 2020

Hi! Welcome to this brand new adventure the Lord has led me to. I'm definitely being stretched and pulled out of my comfort zone, but it's not about my comfort. It is all for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Starting a blog was initially put on my mind well over a year ago. Thought about it off and on, looked into some information and that was it. Well not completely, life changes happened. A year ago this month my husband and I got married and started our new chapter. Then this year God opened up a different place for us to live that we knew was all Him. During that time, current 2020 events were escalating and it was within a month of moving, shut downs started. Talk about God's perfect timing for the move. We have been so thankful for what He has provided and the many blessings we've been witnessing and experiencing.

Working from home for the first time due to shut downs, turned out to be a huge blessing for us. We've seen progress in my health that we have not seen before, God provided an opportunity for me to start an all online Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program, and has helped my husband and I to bond more with the increase in time to spend together. We went from having opposite schedules, to actually getting to see and spend time together daily, as I worked from home and my husband's hours changed. Our puppy has settled down a lot as well with having me home so much, which has also helped him to bond with me.......he's always been super close to my husband.

I have been an elementary school teacher for about 11 years. Though I've had health issues for years, it has been within the last 10 years or so that my health issues started to really escalate. I have had symptoms of things for as long as I can remember, but no answers. I have been through a lot trying to figure out what was going on as my symptoms increased in severity; having every test done, multiple doctors, etc. In all this, God provided in so many ways and continues as I trust He always will. He has helped me learn so much along the way and has stirred a passion in me to want to help others with what I've gone through and what I've learned. He wants me to share much more than I already have with those closest to me. There are others out there He wants me to serve in this way, so I am following His calling and praying every step of the way. So, welcome to my blog. I look forward to sharing my story with you over time. If sharing my story and the things I have learned and continue to learn helps even one person both in health and in their relationship with the Lord, it's all worth it. It's all God's plan.

Photo by Kim Koop Photography


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